Convolution Neural Network in Keras for Digit Recognition!

Neural Networks are incredible and robust tools with wide range of application. Their use in computer vision is wide spread and well-studied. While the concept of Convolutional Neural Network have been around, the first break-through work with CovNets were done by Yann LeCun back in 1998 for AT&T Labs-Research which... [Read More]
Tags: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Python, Keras, CNN

Creating a Neural Network From Scratch in Python!

Neural Network is a buzzword being thrown around every page of every tech magazines. What really are they ? Contrary to popular belief God didn’t make them in six days. They have been around (or at least the concept of them) since the 40s when Donald O. Hebb, Fellow of... [Read More]
Tags: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Python, Numpy