The Why, What and Hows ???

If you are intrigued by the magical technology that surrounds us or if you are enamoured by the small things in life like the joy of creating, the gratitude of creativity or the happiness of savouring the small moments you’ll feel right at home here.

This is a blog about technology and how it affects us. So come together and let us geek-out about data science, neural networks, operating systems and all the sufficiently advanced technology that appears no less than magic. Let’s take a peek into the tidbits of the mind-boggling, life saver and life changers that have evolved enormously in a short amount of time.

About Me

A final year student pursuing Computer Science & Engineering, I consider myself a problem solver with the curiosity of a child and creativity of a mad man. Ever so intrigued about the evolving technology I like to work with Machine Learning Models and Neural Networks. I’ve worked with my classmates and underclassmen alike to work on solving daily life problems that make every day a little bit easier for us. I believe everybody is a legend in their own league, and measuring life by happiness. I dedicate my free time tinkering, reflecting on life, travelling and reading. [CV]

Come together and share your views on tech and life. Maybe you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t know could be asked.

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“Colours are bighter when the mind is open.”
-Adriana Alarcon